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Support Us

We would like to have ....

  • ....offices in the building where different groups serving the deaf community can rent (counseling, legal aid, job placement, interpreting agencies);

  • ....meeting rooms where support groups can meet;

  • ​....a large building where social events can take place;

  • ....a stage where presenters/speakers can be seen by the deaf audience.

  • ....a gym where a variety of recreation events can take place;

  • ....a kitchen where food preparations can be made for different events;

  • ....a safe, well lit parking lot.

Please contact us if you have questions about donations or sponsorships.

Here are some ways you can contact and donate:

By Mail

Maryland Deaf Community Center, Frederick

P.O. Box #4131

Frederick, Maryland 21705


Make a Donation


The dream to have our own center and have paid staff to run the center are very costly.  With your support, we can make this dream come true!

Which monetary donation method would you like to use?

We are a 501c3 Organization.

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