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About Us

Our Maryland Community

Maryland is one of the 36 states that has a Commission serving the deaf and hard of hearing population and is supported by the state government, but does not function as a Deaf Center. Many states have Deaf Centers: California has nine and other states such as Illinois, Kansas and Utah have centers where there are large clusters of deaf population.


Maryland has over 1.2 million Deaf and hard of hearing residents, Frederick has thousands of deaf and hard of hearing residents, and Frederick would house the first Deaf Center in Maryland.

Meet the MDCC Board Members

Each board member serves on a volunteer basis. They are working tirelessly to bring our Deaf and hard of hearing communities' vision of an accessible community center to fruition.


A state-wide community center dedicated to the Maryland Deaf and hard of hearing communities will allow us to do many things. They include:

Sign Language

Activities in ASL

One-stop place for everything made accessible with American Sign Language

Communicating with Sign Languages

Bridging Communities

A place for the hearing to learn from and interact with the Deaf people

Video Call with Sign Language

Services in ASL

Accessible services provided in ASL, such as social events, referrals, and information sharing

Performing Art Class

Cultural Arts

A center to celebrate Deaf culture through crafts, arts, and theater

Communicating with Sign Language

Employment Opportunities

A place for ASL-rich educational workshops and career internships and placements


For all in Maryland

A place where all Maryland counties can utilize

Meet the MDCC Staff

MDCC depends on its wonderful team of committed Deaf staff members to keep the organization running smoothly. Check out the team!

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