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The City of Frederick Gives Its Final Approval for MDCC's Building Plan

At the City Hall, the mayor of Frederick and the alderman voted unanimously to support MDCC's proposal for the building of the new MDCC Center on March 7, 2024. After a few years of planning and defending the building proposal in front of committees from the city of Frederick, MDCC made it through this most difficult final step for approval! This clears the way for MDCC to start the ball rolling with the construction company and the engineer submitting and waiting for approval of building permits. The ground-breaking ceremony will be announced as soon as the builders get their permits! Congratulations, MDCC, on making the dream of the center a reality!

From Left to Right: Gabrielle Collard, City of Frederick; Bridgetta Bourne-Firl, MDCC Staff; Bobby Harris, MDCC Staff; Donna DiMarco, MDCC Staff; Lori Bonheyo, MDCC Vice-President; Sharon Suarez, City of Frederick; and Linda Stoltz, MDCC President

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