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Support Us


We would like to have ....

  • ....offices in the building where different groups serving the deaf community can rent (counseling, legal aid, job placement, interpreting agencies);

  • ....meeting rooms where support groups can meet;

  • ​....a large building where social events can take place;

  • ....a stage where presenters/speakers can be seen by the deaf audience.

  • ....a gym where a variety of recreation events can take place;

  • ....a kitchen where food preparations can be made for different events;

  • ....a safe, well lit parking lot.

Please contact us if you have questions about donations or sponsorships.

Here are some ways you can contact and donate:

By Mail

Maryland Deaf Community Center, Frederick

P.O. Box #4131

Frederick, Maryland 21705


Make a Donation


The dream to have our own center is costly and we hope that the community will come forward to make this dream come true.


Ways to Give a Monetary Donation
We are 501c3 Organization

  • Check: Payable to:


            P.O. Box #4131​

            Frederick, Maryland 21705

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